Unlock solar for millions of Australian renters !

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Invite a landlord to sign up to Matter and Solar Citizens will receive a donation of $30 AUD when they become a Matter Landlord.

As a bonus, if they remain with Matter we’ll donate a further $20 in their second year and $10 in their third year.

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Matter donates to 
Solar Citizens
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I’m so excited to introduce the Solar Citizens community to Matter through this partnership -- this truly is a game-changer! Finally, millions of Australian renters can have access to clean, cheap rooftop solar.

Here’s to the next million solar rooftops!

Claire O'Rourke
Solar Citizens National Director


Solar Citizens and Matter have teamed up to spread the word about Matter’s revolutionary technology service that empowers landlords to create clean energy for their tenants. 

Taking energy generation into their own hands, landlords can now supply and meter solar giving renters the opportunity to cut electricity bills and create an energy efficient home.


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Support solar and 
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Refer a landlord you know and inspire them to create clean energy for their tenants and in doing so earn extra income.

When the nominated landlord accepts your invitation we'll send a business case so they can see if Solar for Rentals is viable on their property, what they can expect to make and how to get started.

Let's make solar energy possible for Aussie renters!

We built Matter so we, and Australia's 2,100,000 renters can get solar and a better energy experience.Without a way to easily and accurately bill a tenant, solar just hasn't made sense for investment properties. 
Enter Matter, the first technology to let landlords charge for solar power. Matter knows what’s being consumed and what’s fed back to the grid. For the first time, you can turn your roof into a money making machine to empower Australia with Solar. 

Invite a landlord to increase their rental income with solar! 

For every successful Solar for Rentals installation, Matter will donate $30 to the Solar Citizens community.

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